TDCM 500W+ Rear Hub Motor

Technische Daten:

Modelljahr 2014
Preis keine Angabe
Achsentyp Hinterradnabe
Gewicht 7 kg
Maße 150mm kg
Regler integriert nein
Nachrüstbar ja
Nennleistung 500 W
Spitzenleistung 500 W
Drehmoment 30 Nm
- 500W high torque configuration for peak ...
- 500W high speed configuration for top sp...
- Higher power motors up to 1500W on speci...

TDCM offers 500W & high power screw-on rear hub motors in three basic configurations for e-bike and pedelec propulsion systems:

500W high torque configuration for peak torque of around 30 Nm.
500W high speed configuration for top speed of around 45 km/h.
Higher power motors up to 1500W on specific requirements

TDCM also provides OEM service and additional variations on request from customers.
Basic Specifications
Net Weight:
Peak Torque:
IP Protection:

7.2 kg
500W, 36-48V
25 - 45 km/h
IP 54

All TDCM rear hub motors are gearless, and feature whisper quiet operation with high performance. These motors can be configured to provide exceptional performance in all popular bicycle wheel sizes (20” to 700c) and are compatible with disk brake systems.

Important safeguards, engine control and temperature regulation are integrated directly into the motor for a safer and smoother operation. These self-monitoring systems mean the motors are very reliable and require no maintenance.

TDCM's motors are designed to always guarantee a balance between torque, acceleration, speed and power allowing the bicycle systems, they work in unison with, to climb steep hills; move through city streets and negotiate off-road trails all with high performance.

TDCM ensures strict quality control processes. All motors and related components have dust and water resistance protection class of IP 54 or higher, preventing environmental damage.

The motors are brushless motors that utilize motor controllers provided by TDCM or by the customer. Motor controllers are available for in-hub or off-board mounting depending on the application.

For performance data and enquires about specific requirements please contact TDCM's sales department.

E-Bikes mit diesem Motor

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